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What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a phrase that is used to refer to the aspect of having your website hosted on a server that doesn’t host other websites. It means that only your website will be hosted on that server. Using a dedicated server removes competition of resources among all websites that are usually hosted on shared servers. The effect of this is that there will be more robust performance on the website. A good comparison to make it easier to understand what dedicated servers are is to look at them as renting your own car whereas shared hosting is sharing a bus. When you rent a car, you have the freedom to control various aspects such as where it goes, what radio channel to listen to, and how fast it moves. The same can’t be said with a public bus.

A dedicated server saves you from the headache of dealing with bad neighbors

There are several advantages associated with using fast dedicated servers and one of them is that you don’t get to put up with the effects of bad neighbors. Your website gets the full dedication of the server’s disk space, memory, and processing power. Sharing a server with other users can affect you in more than way and the best solution to the problems that shared servers present is to have your own dedicated server. When you share a server, it is possible for any of the websites that reside on the server to be a source of cyber threats that can affect all websites on the server regardless of who caused the exposure. The weaknesses of other sites on the server affect all sites just the same. Also, in case there is a site on a shared server that engages in illegal activities, the IP address of the server could be blacklisted causing all websites currently hosted on it to be unavailable.

You get to customize server features the way you want

Dedicated servers allow you to a lot of freedom when it comes to customization of features. You can customize almost every aspect of web hosting to suit your specific needs. This way, you get to optimize your server settings to your liking. The root access that dedicated server gives you allows you to change the software code it comes with in any way you prefer. Not sharing the server with other users allow you to pick whichever operating system you want and you can also configure the environment so that you can run whatever applications you want. You can also optimize the usage of memory and bandwidth the way you want.

Who should use dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is not something that every company or person uses because of the cost involved among other factors. In most cases, this kind of hosting is usually a reserve for business that requires very high bandwidth. Similarly, if you have very specialized needs or high security requirements, then dedicated hosting may be just what you need.

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