Different Ways To Control Noise Levels In Your Office

When your business employs many people, you will most likely have a loud and busy office, and you need to do everything you can to control its noise. When an office space is too loud, it can be disruptive for people working and make them less productive than normal, so it is something that needs your attention. There are various ways you can control and contain the noise in your office and make it a more comfortable working space for your employees, and below are some tips to help you get started.

Install Sound Absorbing Ceilings

There are materials you can use for the ceiling of your office that can help absorb sound and reduce noise levels. You can use sound-absorbing ceiling tiles, and there are acoustic panels you can also install lower than the ceiling that will absorb sound. These can reduce the sound level and echo in our office and make it more comfortable for your employees. The cost of sound-absorbing ceilings can vary, but it is an expense that is worth investing in to increase the productivity of your workers by controlling noise levels.

Install Partitioning With Acoustic Insulation

When looking at partitioning options for your office space, you can use one that offers acoustic insulation to help control the noise levels in your office. An excellent option to consider is double-glazed partitioning, which reduces noise levels and also provides thermal insulation. As they are glass, they let lots of light into your office to help maximise the natural light and make it a comfortable work environment. If your budget can stretch to the expense, consider installing triple-glazed partitions that give you even more thermal and acoustic insulation.

Acoustic Plasterboard

For the external walls of your office, where you are not using partitions, you can use acoustic plasterboard, which can help absorb sound in the workplace. Installing acoustic plasterboard in your office will also give you added thermal insulation, so it can help control noise levels and keep your office nice and warm. There are various makes of acoustic plasterboard you can use in your office space, and it is affordable and not much more expensive than regular plasterboard.

Choose Soft Flooring

The flooring in your office can also significantly impact the noise levels, and you will want to avoid hard floor surfaces if possible. Hard floor surfaces bounce noise around the office and also increase the echo, so you will want to invest in hard-wearing carpet tiles or carpets for your office that will help absorb sound. They will require a little more maintenance, but they can make a highly comfortable working environment and look fantastic when they are looked after correctly.

Use Pictures & Plants To Absorb Sound

Having lots of plants around your office, real or artificial, can help make it appear brighter and absorb sound. Adding artwork to the walls of your office space can do the same job, look amazing, and play a functional role. You can also find that having plants in your office space can make workers feel better and help increase sales, and you can learn more about this by clicking here.

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