What you should know about About Robert “Bo” Parfet

First of all, the name Bo sounds a little made up, right? I thought so too so I decided to look a little deeper to find the exact origin of that name. I guess I might have been a little surprised had I found out that Bo is Bo Parfet’s birth name. However, like I expected it is not. Bo’s birth name is Robert Parfet, but people mostly referred to him as Bob or Bobby, which was later shortened to just Bo. This guy was born in Kalamazii in Michigan, but now conducts most of his business out of Chicago.

Let us take a closer look at Bo’s career and professional endeavors.

Early career

Bo wasn’t always the impact investor that people know today. Earlier in his life and career, he always loved finance and ended up being an investment banker at J. P. Morgan in New York. He also served as a research fellow on the Financial Accounting Stansards Board. During his tenure at J. P. Morgan, Bo would embark on an adventure to concur the seven summits, by climbing all of the tallest mountains on every continent – something he achieved back in 2003. He successfully climbed all the seven summits, which included Kilimanjaro, Vinson Massif, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Denali, Carstenz Pyramid, Everest, and Kosciusko. His goal was achieved in the year 2007 when he climbed the summit of Mt. Everest. This feat makes him the 127th individual to climb all the seven summits in the United States.

He would later start a program that rewards students who emerge as the best climbers in his climbing program. The grants his Seven Summits Awards Program gives students are meant to be used to conduct research in the field of healthcare. He is a motivation and role model to many young explorers and adventurers out there around the world today.

Bo Parfet’s life as an Entrepreneur

When you look at Bo’s entire life, you can easily see that he is committed to philanthropy and social enrepreneurship. He was able to found the Seven Summits Awards Program in conjuction with the Explorers Club. Like I stated above, the main goal of this initiative is to offer students grams for research in the healthcare sector. The partnership that Bo created between The Kellogg School of Management and Explorers Club allows some of the greatest explorers a chance to give lectures about leadership to students on campus. These seasoned explorers lecture students about some of the valuable lessons they have picked up during their adventures.

Denali Ventures

Bo Parfet is married to a woman named Meredith Parfet and together they decided to start Denali Ventures. This is an organization that is devoted to making positive change in the world. The main motivation behind Denali Ventures was to fuse the couple’s love for business and a desire to make some positive change in the world. Denali Ventures was founded in the year 2010 and starting from 2012, Bo has devoted most of his time to the organization. At Denali Ventures, Bo serves as the Head Administrator. The family of Bo Parfet has a history of Philanthropy and Bo is happy to have had the opportunity to continue that legacy.

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