What are the Attributes to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

If you are about to finish your formal education and are leaning towards becoming a business owner, there are those who would advise you to get some work experience before going it alone, yet people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg would laugh at such a notion! Everything is possible, if you have the will and the determination and we asked a few successful entrepreneurs what makes them tick and here are some of their thoughts.

  • Vision – It is important that you can see a future, as this enables you to choose a sector that will be in big demand; many of the great business moguls started with a dream and with a lot of effort and a clear vision of the goal ahead, success awaits!
  • Adaptable – One has to adapt to a changing business arena and that might involve taking chances. If the first plan of attack doesn’t produce the right result, you don’t quit, rather you learn from the experience and change some things.
  • People person – This is a critical attribute of any successful business owner; you need to inspire others to do your bidding and convince people that you are worth taking a chance on.
  • Good understanding of economics – You need to have a grasp of how the supply and demand world works and be able to cost out a project with some accuracy. Those years at Basis International School in Bangkok give you a great handle on all aspects of commerce and economics and that is something that stays with you for the rest of your life.
  • Thinking outside the box – International schools stress critical thinking and for good reason, as this skillset enables you to find innovative solutions, with problem-solving that overcomes obstacles. There are many ways to deal with ongoing issues and that could be the difference between success and failure.
  • Optimistic –You have to be a glass half full kind of person; there will be many unexpected problems, whatever the project and when you see the good in everything, that doesn’t mean you’re not aware of risks.
  • Determination – Once you set your mind on something, you should be highly committed to achieving your goal and take each problem as a learning opportunity. Knowing when to fold is another important attribute for an entrepreneur.

If you have a fantastic business idea, why not explore and carry out some market research and if it looks doable, the next step is the business plan; only then can you make a decision to go ahead with the project.

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