How to Dispute a Medical Bill

Everyone’s likely going to need access to a doctor at some time or a type of emergency medical bill. The only problem with the cost of medicine in the United States is that medical care can often lead to debt. A surprise medical bill might catch you off guard and if you’re facing thousands of dollars in costs, a medical bill could damage your credit score even if it’s an emergency.

It is possible to dispute a medical bill if it’s going to be paid through insurance or if you’re on the hook for a bill that you don’t owe. In order to appropriately dispute a medical bill, you’ll need to have access to some evidence, however. Here are some of the main items that you’ll need to dispute a medical bill.

Detailed Notes

Keep detailed notes of the incident and what you remember. Think about if a doctor had consent for the procedure and if charges were detailed at any time. Keeping a detailed note of the entire experience can help you build your case.

Itemized Bill

An itemized medical bill can help to confirm your account of the medical incident.

Speak to Your Doctor

By talking to your doctor you can understand all of the charges on your medical bill and what needed to be done during the emergency.

File Insurance Appeal And Speak to Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company and find out more about what might be covered under insurance and if an insurance appeal might be possible to pay for a portion of the costs.

Patient Advocacy

Working with a patient advocate can help you to better understand the medical costs and how you can mitigate some of the costs of the emergency medical debt. There are a series of patient advocacy companies that can help you find the best way to pay for a medical bill efficiently.

Negotiate The Fees or Bill Appropriately

If you can negotiate the bill or fees or find a way that you can pay less interest with the fees, it can be advantageous.

Dispute With The Credit Bureau

If the full amount of a medical bill is still on your credit report and you’ve paid some of it off or established a plan with your insurance company, it is possible that you could see an almost immediate improvement in your credit score. 

This post was written by Kristian D’An, owner of Lux Credit LLC and CCA board certified credit repair specialist. Lux Credit offers credit repair services for those looking to improve their credit! Click here for more information.

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