Common asbestos products


If you have already known how asbestos can be harmful, the next step is trying to find out products that can be having traces of asbestos. This will be easier to know how to handle asbestos and find ways to eliminate the substance. Asbestos was commonly being in use up to the 1990s. Although many countries have banned the use of asbestos already, many old asbestos-containing products are still in circulation even now. There is also newer asbestos uses that continue to be legal. Asbestos is very toxic and contact with it can cause mesothelioma which is a deadly condition. For decades, asbestos has been utilized in many products. Products estimated to contain traces of asbestos is estimated to be millions. Although the use of asbestos has declined, some products still utilize small amounts of the mineral. Here are some of the products that you should expect to find asbestos

construction material

The first place that you are likely to find asbestos is in the construction material. Asbestos has prevalently been used in the construction industry. According to research done, the construction industry accounts for 70-80% of asbestos consumption, especially in the 20th century. Homes and buildings that were constructed up to the 1980s are said to have asbestos traces. This is because asbestos fibers were commonly being used in insulation, cement, and roofing as well. The ceiling of many houses in the past years also contains asbestos. Asbestos was being used because it helped to increase the durability. It was also very helpful for buildings that needed whether resistance.

One of the most prevalent sources of asbestos exposure is insulation. This is because of the continuous use of past and older homes. Asbestos and other construction materials that contain asbestos put many construction workers at great risk. When you get exposed to asbestos, you are likely to develop asbestos-related diseases or conditions. Homeowners, school-going children, and people, in general, are always at risk of asbestos exposure from old buildings and old homes. You can only know the presence of asbestos through asbestos testing

Automotive parts

This is also another product that you should expect to find asbestos in. Asbestos was once being used extensively within the transportation and the automotive-related industry. Today, there are some automotive products such as brakes that can legally contain asbestos up to 1%. Asbestos is normally added to brake material for the sake of combating high temperatures and high friction as well. Many vehicle parts contain asbestos. They include the brakes, the brake lining, the brake pads, brake shoes, and clutch facings. Anyone who comes across these products at work or as a hobby is always at risk of developing asbestos-related complications and diseases.

Fireproofing material

Another place that you should expect asbestos is in the fireproofing material. Asbestos was commonly added to products because it improves their fireproofing ability. In the past, some of the fireproofing products were complete made of asbestos. Other products contain a smaller amount of the mineral. Either way, getting exposed can be dangerous for your health. Asbestos survey London can be very important in abating asbestos.

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