Explore The Numerous Benefits Of The Solar Street Light

The need for reliable street lights began when human beings started living in groups. With the invention of fire and the first lamps, night time became less scary for people. The set-up of pubic street lights on a mass scale began in the 1500s. In 1807, streetlights were set up fueled by coal gas. Later on, arch lamps, incandescent bulbs replaced the coal-gas powered street lights. Fast forward to the 20th century; solar street light is becoming a norm as more number of countries are adopting eco-friendly ways to modern power lives. Here are some reasons for switching to solar-powered street lights.

Positive impact on the environment: The solar street lights use the sunlight, a renewable energy source compared to fossil fuels highly polluting and are available only for infinite reserves. Also, these street lights are perfect for sensitive places such as national parks and world heritage sites.

Smart technology: These modern lights use light-emitting diodes commonly known as LEDs. It is a kind of lighting that has beaten the traditional lighting technology in terms of lifespan, quality of colour, cost and of course, the most important factor, the energy efficiency. Thanks to the ‘smart’ technology, the integrated solar street light can figure out the lighting schedules collect data such as the energy consumed and alert the concern company team regarding lack of connectivity, malfunctioning etc in the real-time.

It is cost-effective: When compared with the traditional or usual lights such as incandescent bulbs or HPS ones, the solar street lights are far more energy-efficient, produce better-quality light and live seven years more than the traditional ones. Since there is no electricity used to power them, the maintenance cost and the pocket-burning energy bills go down considerably down and become non-existent in the long run. The initial cost of setting up let’s say a 100 W solar street light might cost a pretty penny but in the long run, one will reap huge benefits both environmentally and financially.

Easy to install: The advanced ones in this field are integrated solar street light. These have built-in panels and all other required components. Therefore, it is easy for the technician to install it easily and safely. Also, there is no need for any power lines or construction of infrastructure.

Solar street light is a good way of participating in sustainable development.

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