What’s the Difference Between Corrugated and Custom Boxes?

If you have ever entered a warehouse or even a retail outlet to purchase any kind of product, then you must have wondered how about Corrugated Boxes Vs Custom Boxes. Well, it is a question that has perplexed many people over the years. The answer is quite simple. They are both boxes that are used for shipping purposes and they both provide the necessary protection to whatever you might be putting in them. So how can one prove that one is better than the other?

This is possible when you understand the advantages of both the boxes. Firstly, Belley corrugated boxes provide a much cheaper option of shipping. As they are made from cardboard, they are extremely light and easy to carry, which is a great advantage for the customer. On the other hand, custom boxes can be more expensive but they are very sturdy and durable. Also, these boxes are not as numerous as corrugated boxes and can therefore provide an upper hand in terms of durability.

The main problem is that corrugated boxes are made of cardboard whereas custom boxes are typically made of wood. So if you go for a box made of wood, you will have issues with it getting crushed when you open it. Also, they take up more space and so cannot easily fit into a smaller area and so might require another box to be provided for them.

However, when it comes to the advantages of corrugated boxes over custom boxes, the former definitely rules out the latter. The fact that corrugated boxes weigh less than their custom counterparts is the biggest advantage. Since they are lighter and easier to carry around, they will definitely make your life easier. In addition to this, the space that is freed up due to their compact nature will enable you to accommodate more items in a limited space.

But perhaps the biggest disadvantage of corrugated boxes is their appearance. While they are available in a number of different colours, their standard colour is white. While this does allow you some creativity and you may find one that fits in perfectly with your requirements, it is a downside that you will have to accept. For the most part, it is probably a question of personal preference more than anything else and it really is not something that you need to stress over.

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