As a dropshipping entrepreneur, you don’t need high-quality suppliers. All you need is a reliable supplier who is reputable and can deliver products on time. Plus, you are not limited to relying on only one supplier for your business; you can choose multiple suppliers to benefit from more business relationships and more products.

With that in mind, do you know what a great dropshipping supplier looks like? Here are the qualities to look for.

No huge dropship per order fees

Many dropshipping suppliers charge you dropship per order fees since they have to carry out the extra work of packaging and shipping the order on your behalf. This is a fee you have to pay every time you place an order with them, which makes sense because of the additional work they do. However, some suppliers take advantage of drop shippers and charge them exorbitant fees. The fees range from $2-10 depending on your order.

The best thing is to check the pricing on the dropshipping supplier’s website, such as, and do your math. It all depends on the profit margins you will make on the sale. Check if you can still make a good profit with the dropship per order fees given. If not, look for another supplier.

Fast shipping of products

Dropshipping is a very competitive market, so you need to deliver orders as fast as possible to satisfy your customers. a dropshipping supplier that takes more than 48hours to deliver orders is not a good fit for your business. Remember that you are responsible for dealing with the customers and making up to them should any problem arise.

Your competitor will beat you if you have a lengthy shipping process. On the contrary, you can look for a supplier who ships products very fast to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Has quality products which means fewer returns

Choosing a reliable dropshipping supplier means finding a supplier who sells quality products which translates to offering your customers the best products. High-quality products translate to fewer returns, happy customers, better product reviews, and more word of mouth referrals.

Although quality products may have slightly lower margins, the profits are more than what you would get selling the high margin but low-quality products. The good thing with selling high-quality products is that you get more profits for your business over time.

Invested in good technology

As your dropshipping business grows, you have to move with technology and automation for easy scalability. It may not seem as important when starting, but you need to select a drop shipper with the end game in mind. Below are some signs of a drop shipper who is invested in good technology:

  • A detailed website with detailed descriptions of products.
  • An inventory data feed that helps you seamlessly update your product listing.
  • Features to place or cancel orders via email.

Ensure you keep such things in mind when evaluating a dropshipping company.

Experienced sales reps

The importance of an excellent sales rep is that you can call them and get your answers right away and have your issues handled as soon as possible. So, find a dropshipping company with an experienced and professional sales rep since you will want to maintain a good relationship with them.


Dropshipping is currently a profitable business model, but you need to start on the right foot by choosing a reliable supplier.

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