Ten most common reasons behind car accidents and what you can do to avoid them!

It’s the most obvious things that have the most impact sometimes. You are familiar with the statistics; you took the classes, did the driving lessons and are ready to drive.

Apart from having cheap car insurance to safeguard your finance from any unforeseen accidents, you are making the most crucial efforts to prevent an accident if you follow these common measures:

  1. Develop the correct driving mentality. Many car accidents involve a lack of the right attitude and maturity, and not qualifications or expertise. Engage yourself in adopting a responsible driving mindset. You are manoeuvring over 1000 kgs of fast-moving metal. Hence, the safety of your passengers and other drivers are in your hands.
  2. During your driving practice, either your parents or another trusted driving mentor have an active role to play. You learned a lot from them – keep their voice in your head just as you would the right answers to your driving test
  3. Wear a safety belt every time. Be accustomed as a driver and a passenger to wearing a safety belt every time you are in a car – no exceptions.
  4. If you are under the slightest influence of any mind-altering substance, your brain’s ability to make judgements will be affected and lead to a delayed response time. It may cost you your driver licence if you get pulled over – or even your life – if you drive under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs.
  5. It is essential to restrict the number of passengers when you are a new or unconfident driver, as you are limiting your potential distractions.
  6. Limit driving at night. There is a three-fold chance of a deadly collision at night compared to travelling in the day. It is best to avoid driving at night if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.
  7. Keep your driving smooth and cautious. Fast traffic might make you feel uneasy, so avoid it until you have sufficient controlled driving expertise. Then, more challenging driving conditions, such as highway driving, fusion and urban driving, can be gradually introduced.
  8. Bad weather training. Even if you feel sure driving on the dry surface, you should be very careful when driving in weather conditions that are not ideal. And avoid any severe weather unless it’s absolutely necessary, no matter how confident a driver you are..
  9. Mobile phones are only for emergency use when you’re on the road – and only when your car is stopped in a safe location. Using a mobile phone while driving is one of the worst habits someone can fall into. Keep your mobile phone in the car for emergencies only. Pull over to the side of the road safely if you have to use your mobile phone.
  10. Drive a safe car. Look at those with a good safety rating if you’re thinking about buying. To assess the safety rating of a car or truck, check official data and consumer report literature, such as ANCAP ratings.

Apart from these, the most crucial thing is to have a good third party car insurance that caters your needs handy, it will prove to be a boon in case of an accident.

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