Recruitment In Times Of Pandemic: A Guide For Businesses

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed and impacting every industry in one way or the other. Even when nations are trying their best to limp back to normalcy, it seems we will have a new normal that wouldn’t be the same as before. For companies, this has been a tough year. Some have suffered extreme losses, while others have lost profits, but as we all know – The show must go on. Fintech companies like eToro continue to thrive and if you look at their careers page, you’d be surprised to see lots of openings. Note: So how do I apply for eToro? In case you’re thinking of this, it would be best to read this article from In this post, we are discussing how recruitment will change in the times of pandemic.

Recruitment agencies are a must

There are many companies that are working with agencies to find the right talents, because it is important to cut down on costs. When your businesses choose to hire a recruitment agency Malaysia, you are basically accelerating the hiring process and making things simpler, so that your core team can focus on other aspects that need attention.

Goodbye to physical interviews

A lot has been written how millions of jobs were lost during the pandemic, and while hiring isn’t as smooth or swift as before, it is happening. If your company needs to get people onboard, you have to think of changing the interview process. The onboarding process will be now virtual, and it may be a while before teams meet new recruits in person.

Focus on collaboration

Businesses are looking forward to bring departmental silos to make work and collaboration happen, and this will remain the approach moving forward. You have to consider finding ways to get teams together, so that one can get more out of others. Recruitments across departments are likely to be accelerated, where needed, to streamline work.

Contracts are the new normal

Given the kind of uncertain times that we are living in, more businesses will be keen on contractual hiring. This allows them to avoid long-term employee commitment, given that operations may not go as per projections. In fact, many industries are gearing up for a normal that may be unprecedented in the truest sense. Fresh graduates and those with experience will get chances for sure, but the perks are likely to reduce.

It is absolutely wise, important and necessary for businesses to have a hiring plan in place and take vacancies seriously. This is because if the economies open up quick and things come to a normal, which is likely in the next year or so, there should be no time wasted in hiring talent.

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