Managing online customer reviews successfully

What has made walmart online deals to be successful is because of the way they manage the customer reviews online. By using the following tips, you are likely going to be on the same level and improve your business.

Track reviews

To be able to manage the online reviews regarding your business, you have to know where and when they appear. The good thing is that, there are free services available which will be able to track and report them to you.

Majority of the review sites such as TripAdvisor, Product Review, and Yelp do send a notification whenever you get reviewed, as long as you join the site. If you are looking out in search of more broadly, then going for Google alerts will be able to report to you the mention of your business or whatever term that you request, in the blogs, webpages, discussions, and videos.

The use of Twitter search is able to allow you to search for the twitter for whatever term. You are free to pay for reputation monitoring which is more sophisticated. If you are interested in doing that, you need to seek advice of a consultant for social media.

Create or claim your business page

Sites such as Zomato, Yelp, and Google places utilize data that is publicly available from the phone directory in generating a page for your business. There are certain sites that do the same only when you get viewed but for others, it is done automatically in providing complete search listings for the users.

To claim your page is free of charge and then you will need to control over what it has. Or if the page is not yet created, you can go ahead and create it by yourself. To create or claim a page you will need to visit the site and check out the button or the link which says something such as claim your page, for business, or unlock your page.

Claiming the page might end up to improve your search ranking listing, and will give you access to your special services that are provided by the review sites such as analyze and track tools, and the option of having to communicate privately with the reviewers.

Deciding on who should handle reviews

Each of the business has to decide who is going to respond and monitor the customer reviews. Most sites allow only a single response for management per review, and you will also require to control the response quality. You don’t want to end up with a junior waiter insulting a customer that has complained regarding the serving skills of a waiter.

Staff members that handle the reviews online need to possess:

  • Strong attitude to customer service
  • Writing style that is friendly
  • Authority in resolving complaints
  • Good judgment regarding when it is time to refer to a senior staff

Responding to reviews that are positive

Majority of the marketers do suggest that it is important to respond to reviews which are positive to enable customers to know that you are appreciating their compliments.

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