Let’s Know About Network Security Services

Network security services provide different types of services that are related to entity and message. The message is then classified into confidentiality message, integrity message, authentication message, non-repudiation message, and the entity is of one type known as authentication entity.

What is message confidentiality?

It is nothing but the content of the message transmitted across the network by remaining confidential where the only e the receiver which is intended is included. I would able to read those message. These users want encryption of the message they have sent so that the eavesdropper cannot read all those message contents.

What is message integrity?

It is also the data that always reach the destination and the endpoint without any e use of impurity, which was not sent exactly. There main also no changes were seen during the transmission, neither during the accident nor maliciously. The attachment of checksum always ensures the message integrity with the message.

Authentication of message

It happens when the receiver needs the identity of Sanders for making sure that the message received is from the actual sender. There are also many methods for checking the genuineness of the sender that includes

  • A third party that verifies the authenticity in such a way uses the digital certificates received by some recognized authority.
  • Authentication is also done through sending of a digital signature.
  • Two parties can share some common secret cold war, and the party need to show that secret code for authentication.

Non-repudiation is a process where the sender will not deny the message that is sent actually. In the case of entity authentication, the user or entity is well verified to prepare for access to the resources included in the system.

What is an information security management system?

It is known to be an organization for businesses that aggregate, store, and create huge amounts of information from customers, including usage data, behavioural analytics, personal information, payment data, and credit cards. It always describes a set of procedures and controls, and policies that the business organization and information technology implements for securing asset of information against vulnerabilities and threats. It also increases the data collection of an enterprise over the past decades by increasing the threat of data breaches and a cyber attack that can lead to a significant rate of development in the field of information security of Management for organizing information Technology.

There are several assets of information that includes strategic documentation, service information, patents or intellectual property, trade secrets, employee data etc. The main objective of information security management system is integrity, confidentiality and availability.

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