Essential Visitor Management Solutions Features

Many of today’s visitor management solutions are equipped with different features. Decision-makers can identify which of these features are simply an excellent addition to the front-of-house and which of them are fundamental requirements. Since the 2018 GDPR introduction, businesses have started making conscious efforts to ensure the safety and security of their visitors, employees, data, and premises. That is why the smart visitor management solutions for the front-of-house have led to more secure, transparent, and efficient check-in processes for visitors and staff alike.

Therefore, it is critical to the operation of the key decision-makers to identify which visitor management feature will help their function. They need to know the most popular features to choose from when deciding to evolve their front-of-house process to something more future-proof and capable.

Instant Host Notification

An excellent visitor management solution will ensure to notify hosts of visitor arrivals, irrespective of their destination. When a visitor uses a visitor management solution to complete their check-in process, they will get an automated notification such as push notifications, email, SMS, etc., that will inform the hosts of visitors arrivals.

When they have notified the hosts, the latter can either begin traveling towards reception for visitor collection or send communication messages to the visitor management solution to notify awaiting visitors of delays. When they create direct communication platforms between visitors and hosts, they can use this feature to improve overall visitor first impressions with a self-service, user-focused check-in process or reduce the time visitors may spend waiting at reception.

Customize Visitor Badges

The badge printing is a check-in process for visitor management solutions final stage. They can print customized ID badges in seconds as part of a modern visitor management solution, regardless of whether visitors complete or pre-register the check-in on arrival. In some situations where they have integrated access control, they can scan ID badges at control points to gain access to zones that have been configured to grant authorization.

Sign Digital Forms

Apart from the GDPR data capturing changes, how European organizations protect their data affects the new European legislation heavily. With that, they implement data-breach-preventing processes. There is a digital evolution of the file storing methods, traditional visitor recording, and front-of-house. Therefore, large enterprises have adopted this as data-breach mitigating solutions. Also integrated into check-in workflows for visitors are legal forms, NDAs, and other form signing requirements. Visitors will need to sign them before they can access the site. Organizations that intend to improve data security use this feature primarily since they can reduce the manual labor involved in the check-in process.

Check-In Workflows Customization

With the advent of GDPR, there was a change in data capturing to enhance the information request relevance. The difference tends to be costly in resources and time for traditional visitor management processes. When the process entails storing, organizing, printing, and creating obtained third-party data in folders on-site, it can be pretty challenging for front-of-house staff since they will need to balance new processes with pre-existing role requirements. Therefore, they develop modern visitor management solutions to provide customizable check-in workflows for different visitor types like couriers, interviewees, and guests.

And it’s extremely important that your GDPR is set up correctly, so using a consultant like # can be a very wise choice.

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