Document Management Solutions – A Quick-Track From the Recession

Recent research conducted by Credit Control Magazine, has says most management figures in companies over the Uk believe document management solutions ought to be viewed as central to efforts at recovery in the current downturn in the economy. This short article explores Credit Control’s findings in greater detail and examines the way a Document Management system, for instance individuals employed for automating procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes, can offer organisations with improved cash-flow along with the cost and efficiency savings which will prove necessary to lifting them from the downturn.

Document Management: An Unaffordable Luxury or perhaps an Essential Spend?

It’s obvious that in testing economic conditions, companies search for every method to cut-out non-essential costs and save money on spending. However it appears the vista that document management solutions are in some way an extravagance spend or perhaps an added ‘extra’ for companies, is dramatically found wanting. Credit Control argues an engaging situation that ‘businesses shouldn’t be putting their [document management] software purchases on hold’ plus they should actually be purchasing individuals key systems which allow more effective running and ‘continued growth and development’. Without proper software systems in position, it’s contended, companies is going to be dripping money and never running as effectively as they may be. Electronic document management, together with automating, paper-based processes, will make sure leaner, streamlined operations, and far reduced costs.

The Loan Control Survey:

Answer to Credit Control’s contention is really a survey they conducted of 160 senior finance also it professionals (finance company directors, financial controllers also it Managers) across a variety of public sector and sector organisations. The study says 88% of respondents believed you should possess the right software systems in position if companies will be to prosper in the present economic system. As well as these, 60% mentioned that getting the best software systems is ‘vital’. From the remaining 12%, 10% of respondents believed it’s ‘fairly important’ to achieve the right software systems in position, while only twoPercent of individuals surveyed, didn’t know whether or not they thought software systems were vital that you helping companies prosper or otherwise.

Document Management Solutions: The Initial Place in order to save:

The Loan Control research would appear to verify that management figures within most organisations recognise the significance of software programs, including document management systems, for achievement in almost any economic system. So that as 37% of individuals surveyed were actually thinking about applying electronic document management solutions at that time these were asked, it might appear that many regard document management being an especially effective way of reaching cost-saving and efficiency goals.

Just how can Document Management Systems Help?

Procure-to-Pay (P2P):

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) is really a surprisingly costly process which could cost around £50 per transaction. Receiving purchase invoices into a company, logging that information in to the accounting system, photocopying the invoices for that relevant files, delivering invoices round the business for authorisation after which coming back these invoices to accounts payable for payment and delivering out remittance slips could be very time-consuming, is frequently quite costly and it is obviously susceptible to human error. Utilizing an integrated electronic document management system automates this method to ensure that whenever a purchase invoice arrives into a company, it may be scanned and instantly tagged towards the appropriate record within the finance system. Optical Character Recognition ( OCR) technology has the capacity to read and verify the information around the invoice prior to being submitted towards the core finance system, eliminating the requirement for manual data entry and also the connected errors. And additionally, using document workflow software and pre-defined authorisation routes, the imaged invoices could be instantly emailed towards the relevant decision-makers to allow them to approve, reject or query. Approvers will also be capable of view any connected documents on-screen, for example purchase orders or proofs of delivery, to assist invoice authorisation. When the invoices happen to be authorised, the finance department will pay the suppliers along with a remittance advice could be instantly generated and emailed towards the supplier counseling them of payment.


Getting cash into a company as rapidly as you possibly can and looking after healthy cash-flow is completely necessary to the effective running associated with a business and particularly during a time period of economic uncertainty, where it’s becoming more and more hard for basically the fittest organisations to prosper. Purchasing document management to streamline the loan control function, Credit Control Magazine has contended compellingly, ought to be considered essential and never an extravagance.

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