Different Types Of Nuts And Bolts That You Should Know About

Machinery, no matter big or small, cannot be constructed without the use of nuts and bolts. They may be a hardly noticeable component and extremely small in size, but still, their role is as important as salt in your favourite savoury dish. Meaning, you never really noticed their presence but without them nothing really makes sense.

Types of nuts

When you are going to buy nuts and boltswhether it is for your factory for big industrial purposes or daily household repairing, there are certain types of nuts that you can choose from and that you should be aware of during your purchase.

Coupling nuts

As the name suggests, these type of nuts helps in putting together two male threads. They have a long cylindrical shape and are generally used for adding more length to any installation.

Lock nuts

They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their job is to prevent other nodes from loosening.

Wheel nuts

They are specially designed to be used in an automobile and automative wheel applications.


These nuts help to increase the surface area and therefore the amount of friction experienced by the supporting object is reduced providing a stronger grip and lessening the risk of loosening.

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